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Honor Your Parents & Guardians : Breakfast With Alfred

In this episode, I prove to you that honouring your Parents & Guardians is a matter of Life & Death.
The matter is not up for debate. You can never have a good enough reason not to honor your Parents & Guardians.
Even if your Parent or Guardian tried to kill you, you must still honour them.
It is a commandment. It is an instruction. We must obey or welcome the consequence of disobedience; which is Death.
We must honour our Parents, Guardians, Father figures, Mother figures, Spiritual fathers, Spiritual mothers, Mentors and Life Coaches:
Anyone that has taken us under their wings even if it was for a little while; we should honour them.
We must continuously honour them and every memory of them.

Matthew 15:4 AMPC
For God commanded, Honor your father and your mother, and, He who curses or reviles or speaks evil of or abuses or treats improperly his father or mother, let him surely come to his end by death.

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